A complete video surveillance software that records, manages, and monitor CCTV cameras. It can have the capability of integrating other security systems on one platform such as access control, intrusion, and LPR systems. Video management systems all are designed to address the essential mission. That mission is to record video to allow it to be viewed to assess an incident of concern to security professionals.


A video management system’s functions are aligned with the four primary purposes of video surveillance systems

  • The first is observation, to allow for live viewing of video sources.
  • The second is the forensic review of the video and management of that video.
  • The third is the investigation of various events that can be linked to externally integrated systems and video information.
  • The fourth is for running video analytics and video analysis.

A truly intelligent video surveillance management system does more than just control cameras and recorders over an IP platform, It also delivers video detection, analysis, delivery and response.Using advanced video analytics, a video management system can identify incidents, notify personnel, and manage response from both desktop and control room video environments. The more sophisticated the software, the more intuitive the interface will be, and the easier to use. Functioning on a networked platform, a video management solution is fully scalable on an enterprise level.

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