Black Arrow Security Systems And Services W.L.L. operates a formal Integrated Management System which has clearly defined policies with regards to Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Management. The management system is certified to ISO 9001: 2008 for Quality, OHSAS 18001: 2007 for Health and Safety and ISO 14001: 2004 for Environmental Management. This certification is provided and maintained by ISOQAR Certification Body through yearly periodic audits and a three yearly re-certification cycle.

Integrated Management System

The company sees the effective implementation of Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental management systems as essential to the future success of our business. QHSE is treated as a line management responsibility and improvement ideas are actively sought, reviewed and supported by management with the aim of promoting seamless delivery of services via tried and tested management systems and procedures.

The IMS provides the necessary checks/ balances during each step of preparing for a project:

  • A mechanism to empower any individual to suggest changes to the system where shortcomings are identified
  • allowance for changes to be promptly reviewed by affected parties and easily implemented
  • Assurance that changes are efficiently put into effect and communicated to all.

The IMS is a fully electronic system that is resident on the company intranet and easily accessible to all staff, ensuring only the latest versions of forms and reference material is used. The system is highly effective at facilitating improvements and dissemination of changes with all source documents, flowcharts and forms residing on a single system on the intranet and distributed to all staffs and field staff via CD where intranet connection may not be available.The fact that the system is integrated means that many activities are combined, covering QHS & E in a single process rather than having them dealt with separately. This has the benefit of providing consistency across all fields while enhancing efficiency by reducing duplication of effort.The protection of human health, personal safety and environmental rank at the highest level of importance to BA. We operate in a diligent and responsible manner consistent with other corporations and aligned with our stated QHSE business goals and policy.

BA empowers and supports our associates in their ongoing efforts to prevent accidents of all kinds and to promote a safe environment wherever they go. We use the comprehensive management system to demonstrate our commitment to Quality, Health, Safety and protection of our Environment and to their principles of our QHSE Policy, bringing value to our associates, customers, and the community.

Responsibility for Quality, Health, Safety, and Environments rests at the top management level of Black Arrow and is transferred to down the line for implementation. Everyone in our organization is accountable for QHSE performance in their respective area. BA embarked upon a number of behavioural safety initiatives to complement our procedures and to seek to ensure that everyone engages fully in matters.

Although the QHSE Manager has overall control of the IMS, each process within it has a dedicated process owner who has responsibility for ensuring the effectiveness and implementation of that process within the company. This ensures widespread ownership of the system and involvement of those who are directly involved in the processes.


We at BLACK ARROW, QATAR are committed to achieving Customer Satisfaction by delivering “turnkey projects of integrated security systems, low current systems, audio visual, parking systems & IT infrastructure solutions including engineering, supply, and maintenance services.”The company derives its success from a focus on customer satisfaction, employee involvement, profitable growth, continual improvement and implementation of quality, health, safety and environmental management systems standards. In support of this, Company’ quality, health, safety, and environmental policy statement are:

  • Customer Focus – We will focus on meeting or exceeding customer expectations while growing profitably. We believe that achieving this is critical to our success and provides high quality and value to our customers.Applicable Legal Requirements – We will identify and ensure compliance with all applicable legal requirements.
  • Employee Responsibility – We believe that employees at all levels in BA are responsible for meeting high-quality standards while performing work as per the established processes.
  • Continual Improvement- We will follow a quality, health, safety & environmental management system to continually improve the performance of the business, health & safety of personnel, environmental safety and to drive for repeatable processes that consistently produce solutions and services of the highest quality.
  • HSE focus – We will continually strive to improve the effectiveness of the environmental and safety management system by:

1. Adopting and implementing standards and methods for safe working practices and environmental responsibilities.
2. Complying with legislative and regulatory requirements.
3. Institutionalising effective and efficient waste management system by reduction, recycling, and reuse techniques.
4. Avoiding, reducing and controlling pollution.
5. Reducing natural resource depletion wherever possible.
6. Preventing accidents related to men, materials, and machines.
7. Promoting awareness among our employees, sub-contractors, and customers for enhancing the well-being of our personnel and the betterment of the environment.

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