Outdoor arenas and stadiums are demanding environments to sound distribution. Not only because of their size but because they are open air echo chambers. It is critical to have experienced engineering and performance standards at your disposal to achieve vocal clarity with powerful, intelligible sound coverage. Your systems must adapt to the varying needs of crowd decibels, dead spots, weather, and elements. A robust design with these thoughtful details and others requires a unique skill with experienced professionals.

Our professional and expert designers are all EASE certified, they can develop 3D models for stadiums and other areas, perform acoustic analysis, acoustic modelling and provide design consultancy and engineering for speakers and arrays. The most important and most challenging aspect in acoustical studies is to reach a distributed level of SPL and STI across a geographical area taking into consideration a cost effective solution. Black Arrow succeeded in delivering several design proposals taking into consideration the FIFA 2018 Acoustic requirements for the 2022 world cup.

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