Gate and Boom Barrier

A road barrier is the most functional and at the same time attractive solution for controlling public and private vehicle transit and access to rest areas, even with high traffic volumes.




Turnstiles are used in fairs, attractions, and areas. The user inserts a ticket /token into the slot, from which a barcode is read, if access is to be granted, a sensor determines the speed with which the user passes through, and sets the electric motor to turn the turnstile at the corresponding speed.


Bollards, Blockers, Speed Gates


Black Arrow offers practical solutions based on your every need. By giving our clients access to pioneering security solutions which can be made to suit exact site requirements, we are taking the hassle out of security design and offering solutions elegant and practical in the process. Whether we are protecting a driveway or a national sports stadium, we are very careful in selecting our partners who provide the latest technology in the field.

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